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12 December 2005 @ 01:59 pm

I am so tired. I feel like I have been running a marathon for the last 2 weeks! Work is running the dry, adn what evergy have had left has been put into baking cooking for everyone, rehersals for handbells & Choir for the Hymn Festival, Dress Rehersals,concerts, office Patrties... *gasp* I just cant get a break! I feel like I want to just lay down and sleep for a week! ALAS, even though school is over I dont get to rest, I just get to work more hours!! TADA!!! *groan*

So school really blew chucks this semester, but ive decided that everyonce in awile you just BLOW IT. And that is what i did this semester... blew it! Oh Well! I've got too much going on to bother with it all. THe only thing that keeps me at GSU is Choir. I can study with Mrs. Stephenson privatly without goign to GSU. I would much rather just got ot a small college aat nith adn get a degree of somesort adn work full time. But, i dont want to give up Singers b/c i love it so much. That and id miss all my friends! ONe of thoses thign sim just gonna have to work out i guess...

In addition to all this my brother finally told my dad that he has been thinking of majoring in music education and not business... well hot damn you would have thought he had told him he had gotten someone pregnant! The sun has fallen adn is burnign up the tress of my dads life... burning.. BURNING! OMG he is such a drama queen. And he wonder why no one ever talks to him! geez!

In happy news, which deviates comepletyly from the first half of my post, I am finally becoming financially secure! YAY! I am also going back on a diet and on a new birth control! Depo has been good to me but i cant deal with the nasty breakouts anymore! Im so used to always having a good complexion and nice skin, that i cant deal with the Depo backlash any longer. Im just gonna have to train myslef to be good at taking meds every morning again. BLAH! Also, in other good news, my back is healing up fine. Not as fast as the doctor had hoped, but im making progress :)

I also have a spiffy new layout! WEEEEEEEEEE!!! Oh how I heart thee layout!

Anyways enough slacking off, its back to work for me.

P.S. Sorry i havent been keeping up with yuo all as much as i would have liked (those of you knwo who you are), but as you can tell, i have been very busy and well, honestly, just tired!! But, as my busy ness is winding down expect more for your favorite spaz! =D *hugs*
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07 December 2005 @ 01:42 pm
I expect you all to get me what this says you are getting me! =p=p (JK!)

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*yawn* im sleepy... back to work for me =p
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04 December 2005 @ 11:48 pm
I found this amusing and true! hehehe =D

Remus Lupin
You are looking for someone sweet, intelligent, and
understanding. Although he may have big
troubles to overcome, with you by his side this
wolfman will at least have a non-judgmental,
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17 November 2005 @ 01:34 pm
today sucks, it was good till i got to work adn checked my email. now i feel like im a bitch and then on top of that ive got a poerhungry case manager comign down my throat. i want to slap her. it is NOT my job to pick up other peoples slack... bitches

lets hope it gets better once i leave the office...

looking forward to tonigth, so i knwo that it will allg et better once i get out of here. too bad a job at Medevial Times wont pay enough or id give this job up entirley instead of just getting a second job...
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16 November 2005 @ 10:25 pm
Harry Potter Tomorrow..... *SQUEE*
sooooooo excited!!!!!!
I've got my "Got Magic?" Shirt, got Nick his GoF Shirt (no i didnt do my support cedric diggory shirt like i had planned... *sniff sniff*) and ive gots $$$$ so i am GOOD TO GO!!!! =D
Passing out the tix tomorrow @ School. all im waiting on now is for Antoine to pay me for his 6 tickets =D Sarah paid me for her tix, now whenever she pays me her donation towards the halloween party i will be all good and back in the money! =D
ok off to go finish reading PoA... i gotta finish ti adn get through GoF by tomorrow! Im such a slacker... that other book has got me splitting my attentions!
btw--> did i mention im totally in love witht he atlanta_hp community already?? *huzzah!*
ok really going now.... byeeeeeee
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04 November 2005 @ 12:39 pm
ok so i have been (and am still) without internet at my house! ROAR!!!! I will do a real update as soon as i can. till then here is something:


A father passing by his son's bedroom was astonished to see the bed was
nicely made and everything was picked up. Then he saw an envelope
propped up prominently on the center of the bed. It was addressed, "Dad."

With the worst premonition, he opened the envelope and read the letter
with trembling hands:

Dear Dad,

It is with great regret and sorrow that I'm writing you. I had to elope
with my new girlfriend because I wanted to avoid a scene with mom and
you. I've been finding real passion with Joan and she is so nice - even
with all her piercing's, tattoos, and her tight motorcycle clothes.

But it's not only the passion, Dad, she's pregnant. Joan said that we
will be very happy. Even though you don't care for her, as she is so
much older than I, she already owns a trailer in the woods, and has a
stack of firewood for the whole winter. She wants to have many more
children with me, and that's now one of my dreams too.

Joan also taught me that marijuana doesn't really hurt anyone and we'll
be growing it for us and trading it with her friends for all the cocaine
and ecstasy we want. In the meantime, we'll pray that science will
find a cure for AIDS, so Joan can get better. She sure deserves it!!

Don't worry, Dad, I'm 15 years old now and I know how to take care of
myself. Someday I'm sure we'll be back to visit so you can get to know
your grandchildren.

Your son,


PS: Dad, none of the above is true. I'm over at the neighbor's house. I
just wanted to remind you that
there are worse things in life than my report card, which is in my desk
center drawer.

I love you!

Call when it is safe for me to come home.


Later babes!

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31 October 2005 @ 11:45 am
Happy Samhain everyone! Hope everyone has a wonderful day! (and happy Halloween to those who do not celebrate Samhain!)
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27 October 2005 @ 02:37 pm
Ahoy there! yes yes i am still alive! Sorry for the lack of postage but work has been keeping me very busy, as has planning this party on Saturday!!! I do hope all of you are able to make it (those whom ths pertains to of course.. my far-away friends.. wish you could be here too!) So, seeing as i am perpetually busy (and tired mind you!) i am also behind on my emails and such. Please dont hate me ok?!? :D That said.. here is an update on the life of MOI!

SO i get to register on Saturday for my classes for the Spring Semester. Some fo you may be thinking this is quite early... well thats GSU for ya! here is my proposed schedule for next semester:

10-10:50 ENGL 1102 - English Composition II ALC 330
11-11:50 SOCI 1160 - Intro to Social Problems ALC 224
1:15-2:45 MUS 3081A - University Singers ALC 430

Yes, i know it is only 7 hours, but i need to go only part time so i try to not kill myself!! Plus i get to work more which mean i get more money! :D You may be wondering why i dont have voice lessons on there b/c i have been talking about going back to lessons. The downlow on that is this--> As a minor i am ALLOWED to take voice lessons dependant on certian variables. The dept./voice teacher has to approve it AND the SOM (aka: Dr. Meyers) has to approve it b/c they have to make sure the school has the funds to pay my teacher b/c I study with adjunct faculty. So basiclly they are telling me i have to go meet with Dr. Meyers! GAH! on top of that is this... If they say "Yes" i dont have to take studio/lab (even though i wish i could). This sounds like a good thing except Mr. Coleman has a history of making the Minor students take lab anyways!! Well i just cant fit it in my schedule cause i work all day on TR. BAH! Soooo im thinkin ill just take from Mrs. Stephenson privatly out of pocket and see fi she can fit me in her "school" schedule (maybe a 9am slot). we will see... i have to talk it all over with her. If i can get Coleman to let me out of lab i might go through the school. If that happens add a 9 o-clock lesson either MWorF! :D

In dork related news: TOTALLY STOKED ABOUT THE NEW HARRY POTTER MOVIE! **uber squee** Im going with 10 other peeps to see a midnight showing at the brand-spankin' new Atlantic Station theatre! wewt! I get paid on Monday 10/31 so i will order the tickets then. I also gotta decide quite quickly on what seats Nick and i want for earleir that night for Porgy & Bess. Antoine is in it so i really excited! YAY!! I will also get to see about those MW he speaketh of (yes i got it :P:P:P)!!

My best friend Jeff broke his hand yesterday!! I feel so bad for him. I get this text from him... " i broke my hand yesterday! How am i supposed to carve a pumpkin with just my right hand?!?!" He is so cute!! I need to find him a nice boy! Jeff is totally hot and into good stuff like the arts. I think he might try to come see Porgy & Bess with us that night if he isnt working! That would be awesome! He is just timid. he has up a wall to project himself from getting hurt. although i must say he is making tremendous progress and it is coming down slowly but surely!! He cant be there on Saturday cause he has to work and he works at Phipps. bah! oh well, there wil be other parties :D

Nick won $96 in GAS today from the Regular guys of 96 Rock! We really needed that so it is a great help! :) In other happy Me & Nick news---> we finally got the diamond for my setting! nick took me out and we picked it out. its so pretty!! We are lookign for a wedding in Fall '07. It seems like a long ways away but it isnt really. Plus it gives Nick time to be more established in his job (and have gotten 2 raises by then!!) *sigh* Im such a lucky happy gal!

Ok one last dork moment before i sign off ( i can't spend all my time at work slackign off now can i?!?!)So, i really am in love witht he words to one fo the songs we are singing in choir. Kniowing em and the "Autumnal" person that i am it all makes sense. It is originally in German. it is titled Spätherbst ( Late Autumn). here is the translation:

Spätherbst (Late Autumn)

The somber mist is falling still on woodland fair,
on field and hedgerow,
As if the heavens sadly mourn
in overwhelming sorrow.

The Blooming flow'rs no more aer seen,
The singing birds a silence keeping,
and dies the last of summers green,
E'en as though all were weeping,
all were weeping.

There is something so hauntingly beautiful about the text. ::shiver:: Alright dork moment over! I will let you all be and stop cluttering your time with my mindless rambles! :P:P

Love ya'll! (omg i said ya'll.... someone help me now...)

and if i don't post before then... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!
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21 October 2005 @ 09:53 am
"and there was much rejoicing.... YAY!"
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14 October 2005 @ 03:34 pm
Because i have nothing better to do... QUIZ TIME

cut so my layout still looks purdy!Collapse )
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